Advantages of Commercial Concrete Batching Plant

In 2003, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Construction and he Ministry of Communications issued a notice “views about prohibiting stirring concrete in the urban area of cities within a time limit” in which 124 cities were banned for on site agitation. In response to the national ban on site mixing concrete policy, we integrated both domestic and foreign advanced technology to develop and produce commercial concrete batching plant with high intelligence equipment and high efficiency production which have been used for a wide range in the whole world.

Firstly, the introduction of commercial concrete batching plant greatly promoted the construction units and building units to use ready mix concrete which is in response to the national policy call.
batching plant

Secondly, commercial concrete batching plant can ensure the smooth progress of the construction period and the quality of products. Site mixing produces 30-50 cubic meters an hour but commercial concrete batching plant can produce more than 1,000 cubic meters in the same time which reduces the amount of artificial use and working aspects thus ensure the progress of the construction.

What’s more, commercial concrete batching plant adopts computer controlled system from weighing, mixing and loading which reduces the manual operation to ensure the quality of concrete. The use of commercial concrete batching plant not only ensures the continuity of construction projects but also improves its quality.

In summary, the use scope of commercial concrete batching plant is quite wide and in the future it has absolute market occupation rate. We are professional in producing commercial concrete batching plant equipment and all models of concrete batching plant with perfect technology skills, high quality, reliable credibility and cost effective feathers. Welcome to contact us or leave us a message if you are interested in our products or have any questions.

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